Root canals have a bad reputation, but Siesta Key Root Canal Specialists (RCS) is here to change your mind about this common dental procedure. As a practice that is passionate about providing compassionate and comprehensive root canal therapy, Siesta Key RCS prides itself on offering innovative methods that effectively address your most pressing dental issues dealing with the tooth pulp. One such method is the GentleWave Procedure.


What is the GentleWave Procedure?

Root canal therapy has traditionally relied on the use of specially-designed files in order to remove the nerve tissue and other infected material from within the tooth. Because of the complex configuration of the canals in the teeth, however, files often have a limited reach. In some cases, there might be bacteria and infected tissue that is inadvertently left behind with traditional methods and techniques. Not surprisingly, the presence of this diseased material could make the tooth more likely to become reinfected.

The GentleWave Procedure is a minimally-invasive method of root canal therapy that limits the amount of manual removal of infected material that is required. Instead, the GentleWave Procedure uses a powerful flow of specialized fluids that are delivered into the tooth using vibrational waves.



When the GentleWave Procedure is used, the tooth’s canals are cleaned more thoroughly. During the procedure, the fluids go through a process to become energized, propelling them through your tooth’s root canal system. Because the GentleWave Procedure removes bacteria, infected tissue and debris from the microscopic spaces, your tooth is left cleaner. This, then, promotes better healing, and may allow you to preserve your natural tooth. (1)


Advantages When Using the GentleWave Procedure

GentleWave offers patients three primary advantages when their dental specialist uses this procedure: (2)

  1. Minimally invasive – Because the GentleWave Procedure means that your dentist doesn’t have to use files as much during your root canal therapy, there is less chance of structural tooth loss.
  2. Cleans Effectively – The high-tech delivery system used by the GentleWave Procedure means that fluids are effectively and powerfully distributed throughout your tooth’s root canal system. The result is a cleaner root canal with more effective removal of infectious material.
  3. Fewer Dental Visits – The GentleWave Procedure can be completed in one visit. Because of the effectiveness of its fluid delivery system, using GentleWave helps reduce the likelihood that you’ll need retreatment.


Is the GentleWave Procedure Right for You?

This is a question best asked of your endodontist. Like many other dental procedures, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to root canal therapy. GentleWave may not be an option for everyone who needs a root canal procedure, but it is ideal in instances where a person’s dental anatomy is complex because the activated fluids can clean these “hard to reach” spaces more thoroughly. Multi-rooted teeth with complicated anatomy such as molars and endodontic retreatments are just two examples of complex dental structures that could benefit from the GentleWave Procedure.

As part of our commitment to offering our patients the best in oral health and care, we offer innovative options such as the GentleWave Procedure. After a thorough exam of your tooth and surrounding tissues, our professional team can better advise you regarding the best route to take with your root canal procedure.


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