Let’s talk about pain for a minute — inflammation, uncontrolled infection, that really hurts. Now, what if all of this discomfort is deep inside your tooth, and it radiates out every time you speak, chew, drink, even sleep. A tooth decaying from the inside out, now that’s the worst!

Root canal treatment can be the end of that pain. Using gentle, state-of-the-art technologies, an Endodontist can eliminate the infection and inflammation in the tooth’s soft core, saving the tooth, and freeing you from the discomfort that will only get worse if left untreated.

But choosing the best Endodontist in Sarasota, FL, for you is crucial. Here are five ways to evaluate Endodontics professionals.

1. Advanced Root Canal Therapy Technology

The science of Endodontics has advanced lightyears in a short time. Now ancient methods for doing root canal therapy are obsolete, and our endodontics practice in Sarasota uses advanced dental technology. Endodontists perform many root canal treatment sessions a week so they have the experience that delivers a painless technique and informed patient experience.

Our practice offers the GentleWave Procedure, a state-of-the-art alternative to standard root canal treatment.  The GentleWave Procedure is an advanced technology that cleans microscopic spaces that can not be reached by standard root canal treatment, removing bacteria and alleviate infection. If you are in the Sarasota, FL area, we can discuss with you whether you’re a candidate for GentleWave.


2. Gentle and Personalized Care

Everyone has their own life experience and feelings about things like oral health and this procedure. Your Endodontist should recognize your individuality and respect it. A skilled Endodontics professional doesn’t treat you like just another surgery. They offer you gentle and personalized care.


3. Honesty

Let’s face it — no one wants to go to a doctor who’s not going to be straightforward with you. These are your teeth, and the only ones you’re going to get, so you’d like to keep them. The right Endodontist for you is someone you feel comfortable with and know you can trust. When you’re seeking a root canal specialist in Sarasota, look for someone with a reputation for honesty and integrity with patients.


4. Financial Options

When you select a dental specialist like an Endodontist, it is important that they offer payment options that work for you. A reputable dental office will gather information about your insurance, if applicable, and present costs for the service and options for insurance covers. Our practice is in network with multiple insurances and also offers third party financing. Our experienced insurance coordinators will guide you through the billing process and what to expect.


5. Access to Information and Knowledge About Root Canal Therapy

Your Southwest Florida Endodontist should want to share information with you. For example…

  • Why do you need root canal treatment?
  • What are the real risks of not getting one?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • What is a modern root canal like?

Look for a doctor who is open and can point you toward the answers you’re looking for.


6. Commitment to Patient Comfort

Those lingering root canal myths (like “root canals are to be feared and are painful”) get busted every day.  Online reviews and social media channels give you, the patient, all the power to choose who does your procedure. This puts commitment to patient comfort high on a well-reviewed doctor’s list of priorities.


7. Make Sure They Have the Right Florida Endodontics Qualifications and Experience

Dr. Carla Webb is a Board-Certified Endodontist who has been practicing Endodontics for nearly 20 years. After obtaining her degree from the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry, she has gone on to win several prestigious awards and was inducted into Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the national dental honor society. After practicing in Mississippi for 13 years, she moved to Florida in 2016 where she continues to serve her community.

Her patients have come to appreciate her personalized and reputable level of care. And there’s a reason patients consistently give her five stars reviews – she cares about your comfort and oral health.

If you’ve been living with tooth pain, it’s time to find out if root canal treatment is the best option for you. If it isn’t, you can count on Dr. Webb being straightforward with you and helping you explore your options. Please contact Siesta Key Root Canal Specialists to schedule an appointment.